Five days til Vegas.

I wanted to take some shots outside, but by the time I got off work the sun was already down. So these are the best I could do, and I used flash :/ ha!

Remember in my last post - how I said I like the rain, but I just hope it doesn't turn to snow? Well guess what? That very same night we got slammed with a blizzard. Safe to say I was not pleased. The wind was blowing 100mph and the snowflakes were as big as my head! {Okay, I'm exaggerating....the wind was blowing hard though, and the snowflakes really were big.}
I did end up hanging out with the two besties though, which despite snow is always fun! We watched Clue and I taught Crystal some makeup techniques. Five days from now we'll be in sunny Vegas and six days from now Crystal will being seeing Celine Dion live. Her absolute favorite! I'm not even going to the concert that night but I am ecstatic for her, she has been waiting for this for over a year.

Jerrica and I still haven't figured out what the two of us are going to do in Vegas on the night of the concert. I'm not too worried about it though really...I bet we could just go to a club or something and have a blast! Before Crystal, Katie, Travis and Chelsea go to the show all 6 of us are having dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I've never been so I'm way excited!

Mostly I'm just so glad to be getting out of Utah, even if it's only for 3 days. It's better than nothing....it's been a long, boring and cold winter and I'm looking forward to getting away and relaxing.

What is your favorite thing to do in Vegas?

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