Hello, yes it's me. Remember when I used to actually post on this blog?
Here's the thing, I've had a pretty busy few months. I've had things come up that were a little more important that blogging. On top of that I go through phases where I feel like my life is so uninteresting and not worth blogging about. I've had to tell myself multiple times that I have a lot to talk about besides my daily life and this blog doesn't have to be strictly daily life updates.
On that note, I will dive into a post sometime this week to rehash what Taran and I have been up to for the past couple of months. Today I'm writing about something else.

This weekend Taran and I celebrated our first anniversary. It's insane to me that I can say "I've been married for a year". We're past the newlywed stage, we have moved onto the actual stage of 'The Griffith's'. I've had a year of being somebodies wife. No longer a fiance, a girlfriend or "that girl from math class that I like-like".
Marriage is a crazy, phenomenal constant uphill battle. It's definitely not easy, but it's something that is so fulfilling every single day that I look forward to improving and growing.
As you may know Taran and I opted for a simple wedding at the courthouse in favor of something elaborate that required a lot of planning. Now that a year has gone by I am still incredibly glad that I made that choice.

We were lacking in the finances to do anything too extravagant to celebrate this year, however money doesn't matter when you're in the company of someone you love. Sound cheesy? It's true. I had such a fun weekend and I think we may have a couple traditions started that I'm looking forward to continuing.
We spent the day (March 1st) down in the city where we got married. Since we were there for the wedding they've built so many different things. The day we were there the previous year we had to avoid construction to get our wedding pictures (which turned out amazing anyway.) and they really only had built a restaurant and movie theater. We thought it would be a fun tradition to go have dinner at the same restaurant we went to last year. It was a great choice because the food was delicious!
After dinner we visited the little fountain where our pictures were taken and had someone snap a new picture in the same spot.
 We spent some time wandering around the mall, shops with giant candy bars and some with wall to wall accessories (my dream!)
Once it got dark we decided to head home for some wine and Breaking Bad. (Which we finished this weekend by the way...amazing? Amazing. I think I might have ptsd from that ending...I keep thinking about it.)
On our wedding night we stayed at a really nice hotel where they gave us a bottle of wine for free. The hotel also had a free wine tasting in the lobby that night and we had plenty of it. When we got home we decided to hold off on cracking open our free bottle and to save it for our one year since we didn't have the traditional first layer of cake or anything like that. We were nervous about the quality of the wine, considering we've never saved a bottle before, so we stopped and bought a couple fresh bottles just in case. It ended up tasting great though and it was nice to toast our one year with our wedding night gift.

Sunday we spent the day in pajamas finishing up Breaking Bad and simply enjoying each others company. I had such a great time with my husband. I'm truly so lucky I snagged that one, he's the best.
Speaking of, did you check out my gorgeous anniversary gift in the photo above?
 I've had my eye on those necklaces for awhile now and he remembered! I'm in love, it's beautiful!
Thrilled to have been married to that stud for a year. To many many many more!!

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