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It's November, which means it's the month of gratitude. I, like many others have gone to social media to express something that I'm thankful for each day. While scrolling along, reading about different reasons to be grateful I happened to see something else popping up on my news feed.

And it made me really think. Yes, I'm sharing my gratitude, but do I complain the rest of the year? The answer is yes. Then I thought - why does it matter?
So I've logged on to Facebook and updated my status to bitch a little bit. Whether it be because of a job or bad restaurant service, or even about the ending of a book/movie/TV show.
Just because we are venting does it mean we're not allowed to feel grateful at the same time? Yes we're specifically sharing gratitude this month, but that's the point. It's called Thanksgiving. I could continue my lists of blessings throughout the entire year because I can find something to be grateful for each day. Hell, I'm simply thankful for the doughnut I had for breakfast!

So why do we feel the need to tear apart others for just actually realizing the things they have in their lives? Yes, I was thankful for that doughnut, but at the same time I would have rather been home with my husband instead. That's life.

Granted, there are a few people out there who take Facebook complaining to the extreme. Some things should just be kept to yourself. Stating "my life sucks" is a bit excessive, but hey, don't we all feel that way sometimes? I know I've had those moments (especially after a really crappy day) and then something as simple as having this blog to write about it makes me snap out of and remember that life could be worse.

I was at a work meeting this morning and we were discussing customer service an dhow people are so quick to bring up a complaint rather than an appraisal. Why is it so much easier for us to focus on negativity? Instead of putting someone in the spotlight for a job well done we tear the person down or make fun of something.
Look at Miley Cyrus for example. I am definitely not a fan of hers, but can you go anywhere without seeing satire involving her? How many VMA or Wrecking Ball costumes did you see on Halloween? Whether you're a fan or not, can you deny that she is huge right now?

We as people thrive on negativity. Complaints are what fuel our generation's media.
So why is it bad when we push aside our complaining and put more attention on our good? I say, bitch it out, if it makes you feel better to vent and share via social network then go ahead.
But then, instead of shaming another person for expressing positivity...instead of poking fun at each new thing that explodes over the news just take a second and be happy. Maybe in the midst of our complaining we could all take a second and be grateful for something.
Even if it's just a stupid doughnut on a lame day.

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