Tomorrow is my birthday! {I guess technically today...I didn't get this post done before midnight haha}

Since we're all grown ups now and have jobs on Mondays {well, those of us who don't work retail...like me} I celebrated this weekend. Friday I got some people together and went to a bar to hang out. It was pretty low-key but I still had a good time! Plus I got to see some people that I haven't hung out with in awhile.

Yesterday I had a little party at my mom's best friend's house. She is such a hilarious person, and without a doubt one of the sweetest people I've ever met. My mom has been friends with her for years and she makes us feel like part of the family. I was asked what kind of party I wanted and I chose Disney Princesses. My mom's other bff, {who is practically my aunt, they've been friends since they were little} made me a cake with a bunch of princesses, a castle, and a tiara. It was the greatest.
Crystal and Jerrica came too!

Today wasn't really a birthday thing, but Taran and I went to my mom's house to have dinner and watch the season premier of Dexter.
It was a lovely, lazy Sunday and I really enjoyed it.

As far as birthdays go, I've always been a fan of mine. I like getting together with people to celebrate a day that's mine {a little narcissistic? eh. ;) }

And I won't lie, I like presents....hey, I'm only human!

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