As you know, Taran and I eloped in March.
This was not a shotgun wedding, or a "we can't wait any longer" wedding.
I had dreamed of a nice real wedding for so long, but that all came to a halt when I found out my grandma didn't have much time left.
I didn't have my elopement to impress anybody or to hurt anybody's feelings. We did it so my grandmother could see me get married before she passed.
It was the best decision I made and I will never regret it for the rest of my life.

That being said, I still want that wedding. I don't plan on doing this again and I want to have that party with dancing and toasts and a dress.
So I am having a post elopement reception.
I know I've mentioned doing it before, but I mean it.

I didn't get to do the fun wedding planning stuff. I never got to have a bridal shower, or a rehearsal dinner. I didn't get to pick out dresses with my bridesmaids or walk down an aisle.
Like I said, I don't regret my wedding at all...it was lovely and perfect and knowing my grandma witnessed it made it even better. She knows I wanted to have a wedding, and she would want me to have all of this. Putting it all on hold was worth it for her because the intimate part is over, she was there. She saw me take Taran as my husband and I as his wife. That will never be replaced, and I'll be able to tell our children how much my grandma meant to me because I couldn't bear to marry my best friend without her there. Her name is on the marriage certificate. I am 1,000% happy with how we did things.

I just want a damn reception.

So, it's decided. We'll have a small "ceremony" where Taran and I will just exchange vows {not real vows, just handwritten ones, which is what I wanted for our real wedding} and we will have a party. I'll have bridesmaids and a shower...the only difference in it is that we're already married. Who cares?
Plus, there are many family members who were unable to come to our tiny courthouse ceremony that I know would have loved to be there. This will be the chance for them to see us celebrate our love for each other.
It may be way after the actual wedding, and it may be weird to do so, but I don't care.
My grandma would want me to have this and it's what I want, what Taran wanted....

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  1. Girl do what YOU want. THis is YOUR wedding dang it! People have 3rd and 4th weddings to the same person all the time, to accommodate family and to CELEBRATE. Look at Gwen Stefani! You do your thing girl and don't let ANYONE stifle your joy!


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