Thoughts on fashion blogging...

Top: Wet Seal
Jeggings: thrifted
Shoes: gift
Ring: Charlotte Russe

Sometimes I get online and started browsing around looking at fashion blogs and I start to feel embarrassed about my own blog for a few reasons
  • I don't have a very nice camera, it's just a little Canon digital camera I got 4 years ago. Also I'm not good at photo editing, I just use Picasa and change a few things.
  • Nobody takes my pictures. Sometimes my husband will, but that's if we're even home at the same time when I'm all dressed up. Mostly I rely on self timer and finding a way to prop my camera up on something.
  • I don't have super fancy clothes. I work in retail so most of my clothes are the same brand and it's because I get a discount. If I shop outside of my own store it's usually just a similar type. I can't afford ModCloth or Ruche or Shabby Apple, and I don't have sponsors that will send me them for free.
  • My blog is kind of lame, I'm terrible with HTML and I can't figure out how to put cute links on here or how to even spruce it up...I just go with what I know...which ranges from the 'design' tab to the 'layout' tab.
After feeling a little mopey about my sub-par blog, I snapped out of it and realized "who freaking cares?" 

  • I may not have the best camera or photoshop skills, but I can take a picture of my outfit...which is the point. And you can see the outfit.
  • I don't have fancy clothes but they clothes I do have are cute and stylish and I love them.
And above all:
  • I like my style, and I like sharing it with other people. I shouldn't feel inadequate because my blog isn't as pretty, extravagant or popular as others.
I'm going to post what I want to post, and if people want to read it then I think that's great. If other people don't like it...then I really don't give a shit.

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