Meet Mila

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Yep! We have a new addition to our little family. This little nugget found her way into our hearts and we couldn't bear to not bring her home with us.
Saturday Taran and I went out for lunch before I had to work. Afterwards I mentioned that we should stop by PetSmart to pick up a new toy for Stella {it happened to be her birthday. [Yes I know these things]}
As luck would have it, we would choose to go to the pet store on the day they were doing open adoptions. I have such a soft spot for puppies and just dogs in general, I couldn't just walk by without looking. We spotted this little baby right away, and I fell in love. She kept licking me and sticking her paws out so I would pet her. Taran was interested in her sister who looked more like a lab, but for some reason I kept going back to this one. The longer we stayed there talking to her and playing with her, the more I couldn't tear myself away. We talked to one of the ladies running the adoption part and she told us about the shelter they kept her at and how they were not very well taken care of there.
Eventually we decided that there was no way we could leave without this sweetheart. We filled out the paperwork, bought her a collar and brought her to her new home with us.

Taran chose the name Mila for her {as in Mila Kunis or Mila Jovovich} and we are so happy! Stella was a little timid at first, she wasn't aggressive or mean, but she didn't like the puppy to touch her at all.
Right now we're focusing on getting her potty trained! Luckily that was one thing I NEVER had a problem with when Stella was little, she caught on very quickly.

She's adorable and I'm so glad we added her to our little family :)

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  1. AWE! WELCOME MILA! She's so cute! And I love that Taran picked out the name! haha :) TOO fun


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