Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Don't you love the weird lighting in my living room? And the fact that my dog feels the need to be apart of everything I do. I love that little stinker, but she can be a pain!
  • Getting hair dye all over my neck at the salon and having it result in looking like huge hickeys. Gross. {If you didn't know red hair dye looks purplish when applied}
  • Walking into Starbucks still covered in hair from the hair cut. Especially those little hairs that were all over my face, not cute.
  • Taking a nap before work and dreaming that your ex suddenly becomes super religious....also a separate dream where you get lost looking for the park and Raspberry Beret is playing. My subconscious is weird...
  • Swapping my schedule around and setting one of my managers up to work a busy morning with one of the worst associates! {I know that sounds rude, but seriously....some people should not work in retail.} I felt so bad! Next time I'm requesting time off way in advance before my hair appointment.
  • Recognizing someone that I'm ringing up but debating whether to actually say something, or just keep quiet to avoid coming off as a creeper.
  • Finally getting my hair done! It's been way too long and it's desperately needed work done. I'm pretty pleased with the result! Reddish color with some chunky blonde pieces. Fun for summer? Yes.
  • Seeing my hair girl's cute preggo belly. She's adorable and I'm excited for her little one! I want one. No I don't. I really don't. Promise. {Not yet.}
  • Sneaking a nap in before work, despite the weirdo dreams. Naps rock.
  • Dexter. Seriously, I am addicted to it! Taran bought season 1 on Saturday and I finished it Monday night. Then I started season 2 that same night! It's intense and awesome. I recommend it if you like crime shows, or serial killer shows. {That sounds weird, but some people are intrigued by serial killer type shows....}
  • Hanging out with old friends that I haven't seen in awhile. I used to be super close to those guys and things happened and we all kind of drifted apart. It was nice to get to catch up and see them again! Hopefully we don't go another year without hanging out!
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