I'm sorry I'm such a sucky blogger. The past few days I've been feeling particularly "blah" and "meh". Mainly because of a dumb thing called PMS. It makes my hormones go all out of whack and I feel frustrated and mopey and sad.
So not the best moods to have for blogging.
Not to mention I'm having awful anxiety and I'm stressing out about money. I feel like all these things keep coming up that I need to pay for, and I am literally living paycheck to paycheck. God bless my amazing mother and grandma for helping me during my financial funk.

The good news is, I picked up a lot of shifts this week so hopefully this messy money situation will start smoothing out and I won't stress so much.
A Taran & Bryana egg :)

I'm also pretty bummed because the brothers are spending Easter with their dad this year. They're mainly the reason I get excited about those type of holidays, and I'm sad that they'll be gone.
We did get to dye eggs together tonight so it was nice to spend time with them.

Today I took Stella for a walk, but mostly I've just been laying around because I've had awful cramps. Boo.

Give me a couple days and I'll feel better, things are just dumb with me this week.
Again, it's mainly my hormones attacking me. Jerks.


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