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This weekend was pretty fabulous! I finally started feeling better and not so mopey, and that's always a plus.
I worked all day Friday which was a nice change from the whole only working 3 hours at a time thing.
Taran got the whole weekend off so I got to spend some quality time with the love of my life. That's always good for me!
L: Midnight junk food run, I know we're so bad. But we do what we want ok? :) R: It was "dress day" at Charlotte Russe and I wanted to wear this cute white one I got at Rue 21 at the end of last summer. I wore a cobalt blue cardigan from Wet Seal and cobalt blue flats from Target {didn't get a pic :( boo} and my cute matching headband from Icing. A customer told me I could be Snow White in Disneyland. Count me in!

Easter, unfortunately, just felt like another day. I'm not a terribly religious person, but I appreciate Easter for what it's about. Normally we would have baskets and hunt for eggs {well, I would eat candy and watch the boys hunt for eggs} but the kiddos went with their dad for Easter. It ended up just being me, mom and Taran which was fine and everything I just missed my bros.
We went to my aunt's house and had lunch, visited, ate chocolate and generally hung out. Afterwards Taran and I took little Stella for a walk along this path near my house. Poor thing has only ridden in a car 1 other time and she was terrified of it. I made Taran hold her and try to calm her down while I drove, even though it was just down the street she was so stressed. Luckily once we parked got out and started walking around she was fine.
Later that night we met Katie and Crystal at Chili's to have some chips, salsa and drinks. Poor Katie had an awful Easter so we wanted to hang out and cheer her up! We ended up having a few drinks and going to Katie's apartment to play "Friends" Scene It! We all thought Taran would kick butt because he loves that show {and he's not ashamed, he's so cool} but Katie won!
It was a lot of fun.

Top L: My cousins had little chicks that they got for Easter and they brought them to my aunts house. They were so cute and had the most adorable little chirp sound. They like to be held too! Top R: Me and Mr. handsome Taran spending the first of many Easters together! Bottom L: The pond near my house where we took Stella. Taran is a little stinker sometimes and won't take cute pictures with me. But sometimes I like the goofy ones better anyway haha. Bottom R: Stella enjoyed the walk to the pond and she kept wanting to chase ducks and other dogs. Please ignore the offensive stuff written on the bench. I didn't notice it until just now. Some people have no class or respect.

Once again I get sad when Monday rolls around, back to work for Taran and his weird shifts mean he just stays home at night. Boo.
But what can ya do? One day we'll have our own place!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and Easter!

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