Merry Christmas!

Scarf: Charlotte Russe | Jeans/Boots/Sweater: Wet Seal | Necklace: Icing

Oh...wait...it's April 8th? You mean it's technically Spring? Well someone better let Utah know that, because according to him {Utah is male in my head} it's still Winter and we're all expecting Santa Clause sometime soon.
I guess that should make sense seeing as how it didn't even snow here on Christmas.
But hey, at least it's not sticking to the ground too much. I guess I can keep the sandals and shorts stored away for a little while longer then. ---cue big dramatic sigh---
At least the snow provided me with some good fashion ideas. I love this sweater and I've only wore it one other time. I also felt like adding a little bit of Spring to the outfit with my floral scarf. Maybe it will stop Mr. Utah from being so confused and he'll greet us with sunshine and warmth.

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