Awkward & Awesome Thursday

  • Jumping so intensely when my alarm went off at 6:30 that I knocked my glasses into the garbage
  • Resetting my alarm clock for a not so "alarming" sound, and then having it not go off again :/ {thanks for getting me up mom}
  • Feeling bloated from the junk food I ate yesterday and squeezing into skinny jeans.
  • Attempting to clean windows at work, wearing said jeans and trying to avoid giving all the early morning mall walkers a show/heart attack. I had to yank up the jeans and pull down the shirt way too many times. {That's a sign that I should start eating healthier and exercising. Bleh.}
  • This ridiculous weather that is spilling all over Northern Utah! It started as a thunderstorm with rain and turned into me scraping about 3 inches of snow off my car when I left Crystal's house. Oh I'm sorry Utah, did you mistake April for December?
  • The girl at work telling me she'd swap me shifts and then later asking me if she could keep her shift and still take mine. Uh....nooo, if that was the case I would have just asked you to take it.
  • The storm/rain providing excellent nap/cuddle weather. We could have slept all day if Taran didn't need to get up and go to work.
  • Getting my shift swapped so that I can go see my dad's new band play their first show!
  • Making an awesome PB&J and eating it with Cheetos Puffs and a big glass of milk. I felt like a kid.
  • Making it to work riiiight on time when I thought I was going to be extremely late. For once I didn't have to deal with people who are rushing and don't bother to have proper driving etiquette.
  • Hanging out with Crystal and Jerrica laughing at silly videos {watch it, I promise you'll laugh!} and talking about future trips to Vegas and Disneyland. Also watching the new Vampire Diaries
  • The new episode of The Vampire Diaries! Finally. Seriously, why do my favorite shows have to take so many hiatuses? It makes me sad, especially when I get really into the season. But vampires are back, and the episode was awesome. Can't wait to see more.
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