I'm not even going to bother tagging this outfit, because it's ALL from Wet Seal! Except the earrings that you cant see {feathers from Forever 21} and the necklace that was a gift from Taran! HA!
 Look I'm not wearing jeans! For once!
I'm horrible at posing, I mean really....Tyra would not be pleased with me. I don't even know how to "smile wit mah eyez"
This morning I worked. I won't be getting much of a pay check though because I only seem to be working 3 hours at a time...which I don't understand. But hey, I can't complain because I do have a job now and after searching for so long I'm not going to drop it right away. If I don't get more hours maybe I'll just try and pick up a 2nd job. We'll see. Taking it day by day.

Today me, Crystal, Jerrica, Chelsea, Travis and Katie are meeting at Starbucks to have a ‼*VEGAS MEETING*‼ We leave in 13 days and I'm so excited!
Jerrica and I don't have a plan as to what the two of us are going to do the night that everyone else sees Celine Dion, but it's Vegas....there are infinite possibilities! {Any ideas?}

I haven't had a vacation in a long long time. I think the last time I went anywhere was Wendover with my grandma and that was 6 months ago.
I'm ready to party!

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