It's been days...

And truthfully the whole reason I haven't been on the computer is because spending the entire weekend with my boyfriend is a lot better than blogging all weekend.
It's a rare rare occasion that Taran gets the full weekend off and he called me Friday night and said he was coming over!

Bowling! And attempting to take a goofy picture, but I hit the button too soon and it turned out even goofier. :)

The weekend was great! We got delicious food, he spoiled me with new clothes, we went galactic bowling, had coffee with friends and had a great dinner date.
I had so much fun, I wish it was something that happened more often.

In other news:
I started my new job yesterday. She only had me working 9-11 to do my paperwork and get me going, but she asked me to come back later and work a couple more hours. I'll say it was very successful, considering they were busy {President's Day} and they didn't have to spend hours training me on registers. I caught on very quickly, and spent my shift ringing up customers! I'm pleased.

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