Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

Top/Sweater/Jeans: Wet Seal | Shoes: Forever Young Shoes | Necklace: Forever 21

  • Those photos! I mean...ack. Just ignore the fact that I'm wearing a white sweater and standing against a white wall, and the fact that my legs are crossed awkwardly in almost all of them, and the fact that I look gnarly. But hey, I was in a hurry and the camera was dying. Cut me some slack :)
  • The fact that I just described myself as gnarly.
  • Waking up real sweaty. {Tmi? Probably, but awkward all the same}
  • Making my friends wait for me to get ready...sorry guys :S thanks for still loving me
  • Making fun of people in Ross, and then realizing we probably act more stupid than anyone.
  • Some of the formal dresses we saw while shopping....I mean, really. "Hi, these are my curtains" - Jerr.
  • DSW not having ANY shoes! Seriously, the rows were almost empty :(
  • Buyers remorse...I shouldn't have bought that skirt, but it was just calling my name. It wanted me to purchase it and take it home and mix and match it with everything. Plus, it was the last small...so that's a sign right?
  • I have some money! It's my tax refund so it needs to be saved for Vegas, but still...it's something.
  • The adorable skirt I bought today. I've looked at it forever, and I've wanted to buy it but have been way too poor. Plus, it's the first thing I've bought myself since December.
  • Hanging out with the besties! They can make me laugh until I think I'll pee myself. {Again, tmi? Oh well!}
  • The fact that I'm going to Vegas in less than a month!
  • The new Vampire Diaries episode!! Holy cow! I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails. Those are the kind I love.
  • My hair is getting longer...I rarely ever straighten it because it gets really thick and I haven't had a trim in over a month, but I did it today and I was impressed with the length. I just wish it would grow faster!
  • I found the Circa Survive issue of AP {from July!} at Hot Topic for only $5
  • Words With Friends....I love it, and I kind of rule.

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