Feelin the looove

Alright bloggers, I know a promised an outfit today buuuuut I ended up getting dressed in 5 minutes by throwing on a pair of jeans and a tee.

Taran came over before work and I was going to make him breakfast. That didn't work out too well though because I hadn't thought about the fact that you would need food to cook breakfast. It was grocery day for mom!
So we ended up just getting breakfast burritos and hanging out until he had to go do his stupid job with his stupid hours and get his stupid money. {I'm not bitter or anything}

The rest of the day ended up being pretty boring, I decided to start making Valentine's Day cards and catch up on my TV shows.
The new Vampire Diaries.
That's all.

Enjoy my Valentine's and messy crafting area:


  1. So cute! I need to get to v-day craftin'!

  2. Very cute. I love making homemade cards. :)


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