Sunday Sunday Sunday!

I'll just jump right into this post by letting you all know I think I have a food baby.
Don't you just love Superbowl food? Chips chips chips, and chicken poppers and weird little sausages wrapped in bacon, and glass after glass of Dr. Pepper!!
Also, last night I stuffed my face with Olive Garden and candy...so that adds up you know.

Yesterday Taran came over and surprised me, his job let him have the day off - hooray! We went out and had a fabulous date night. Olive Garden for dinner...mmm, it was sooo yummy and I ate SO much. {I could probably live on those breadsticks...} After dinner we got tickets to see The Roommate, but still had an hour before the movie actually started so we killed time by stocking up on candy at the dollar store. Honestly, best thing to ever do when you go see a movie, theater food is incredibly overpriced. It's ridiculous.
We got to the theater and as luck would have it, got surrounded by groups of 14/15 year-old's. I was not pleased because I knew they would not shut up...and I was right. The entire row behind us was filled with giggling, chattering teenagers, the rest of the row we were on AND the majority of the row in front of us.
What is it with teenagers thinking that being immature is cool? Ugh, I was so annoyed. It was very rude and disrespectful. The group in front of us kept getting up and swapping seats, talking and passing around a cell phone. Grrrr
The  movie itself wasn't the best, the trailer made it seem like it would be pretty jumpy, but sadly it wasn't. It was creepy in a psycho logic sense but I wanted more in-your-face jump action!!
I did have a good time though, I can't complain :)

Today was the Superbowl and I don't care! I am not a fan of sports of any kind really....I was just in it for the chance to hang out with my friends eat food and watch the new Glee afterward! {Which was amazing I might add.}

Happy Birthday to my awesome daddy!! Love him very much and I'm proud of him for his accomplishments!!

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