Sorry for the neglect

I meant to update on Monday, but obviously that didn't work out too well, and yesterday I was in bed sick {again!}
But here I am! I don't have an outfit to post today because I'm still not feeling too fantastic. I will have one for tomorrow though, promise :)

Saturday I spent the entire day reading. I read all of The Hunger Games that I had borrowed from Crystal. It was pretty good, and I've already started Catching Fire - the second part of the series.
Taran came over that night after work and stayed over so we could get up Sunday morning and go to lunch for my grandma's birthday. It was at a restaurant called Spring Chicken Inn that I've been too so many times since I was younger, it's her absolute favorite.
It was so sweet that Taran was eager to go, it really meant a lot to me. He had a good time too, chatting with my cousin Parnell about cars and welding. He's just too adorable sometimes <3

Grandma's Cake!
Grandma and my little bros :) too bad Quade blinked!
I think we're that really adorable couple that everyone is jealous of.....either that or the really weird couple that everyone is really concerned about. Haha :) Either way he is ridiculously handsome!

We got home and decided to have our own little date night since it was still early. We went to Coldstone to get ice cream. Soooo yummy, I would eat my weight in their ice cream if I could.
When we got home we snuggled up and watched Slumdog Millionaire which he hadn't seen yet. It is such a good movie and I'm glad I recommended it because he really enjoyed it. After that we watched Aladdin {I know, weird combo, but we were talking about it the night before and I found the DVD while looking for Slumdog Millionaire.} We planned on going to breakfast the next morning, but when I woke up I felt gross and could tell I was starting to get sick, so we slept in as late as possible.
I had to get up and get ready because I had an interview at the salon at 3:00! {Remember me talking about turning in the resume? She called me on Saturday and set up an interview with me! Yay!}

Taran is the best and he ran to Starbucks and bought me a giant white mocha {w/cinnamon dolce, try it - it's delish.}

He headed to work and I headed to my interview {I wore that cute outfit I posted the other day w/the leopard print skirt and boots. Thanks for the idea mom! (: }
I feel really really confident about the interview, she loved my answers and she wasn't afraid to say so! She was easy to talk to and I was cracking her up, which I think helped me stand out. I was really nervous but I feel like I kicked butt! She said she has interviews all week long so I won't hear from her until Saturday, but that I will hear from her because she feels that everyone should know her decision either way out of respect. I think that's awesome, there's nothing worse than waiting and waiting and waiting for a call and then never getting it!

After the interview I made myself some lunch and made plans with the ladies! It was Monday after all, and as you know we have started a Monday tradition to hang out. I suggested we have a craft night and maybe play some games.
It was so fun even though I was the only one who crafted {haha that always happens} and we didn't play any games. We did however have pizza and watch Twilight: New Moon for the sole purpose of heckling it. I'm sorry to those of you who read this that like Twilight, but I can not. Can not. take it seriously. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. I did get some entertainment value out of it though, by making fun of it and tearing it to shreds! Yay!
Seriously though, I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee myself. I have the greatest best friends ever who understand me and don't think I'm a freak. Or maybe they do, but it's ok because we're all slightly freakish. Nonetheless I am lucky to have those freaks :)

Yesterday I slept all day, I did not feel good at all so I rested and slept and relaxed and watched TV. New episode of What Not to Wear, did anyone watch it?? Holy shiz that girl was insane! {Think real life Barbie with bleach blonde hair, fake eyelashes, and pink pink pink!} Wowza.

I also read a lot, and got pretty far into Catching Fire. So far so good, anyone else read these books? What are your thoughts?

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