Belt: Charlotte Russe | Jeans: Almost Famous | Boots/Cardigan/Scarf: Wet Seal

 Yesterday I had to work at 6AM to do a floor-set and today I had to work at 7AM to do markdowns. I am so tired!!
I think more so because I haven't been up that early in a long long time, and it really kicked my butt!

I woke up at 5 yesterday, and felt fine! I was wide awake, which was ironic because I only got about 5 hours of sleep. At work I had to redo an entire wall of lingerie - which is a pain - and it took me forever. I like the way it turned out though, and hopefully my new managers like my creativity. I have fun with floor-sets because I like to create new outfits and I love redoing whole walls.

Taran and I hung out after I got off work, he bought a fancy bed for his new house so I helped him pick out sheets and a nice comforter. He also bought me an amazing pair of shoes for only $6.50! I was thrilled.

This morning the lack of sleep caught up with me, I went to work at 7 and once I got home I crashed for hours.
My body probably doesn't know what I'm putting it through.
Personal goal: stop being lazy, and start doing more productive things.

I do loves me some naps though!!

2 Weeks til Vegas!

{PS: Sorry for the bad quality iPhone pictures, my camera was 100% dead so I made Taran snap these before I dove into my sweats - ha!}


  1. like the jeans!!!!


  2. Shoes for 6.50? What?!

    Love that scarf too :)

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