Awkward & Awesome

{Top: Ross | Jeggings/boots: Wet Seal}
  • Going to RC Willey with Taran after only a short amount of time to get ready. Bed head + hat - makeup = me looking homeless.
  • My pictures today, which I had to take quickly with my iPhone in the kitchen. After I fixed myself up I had to go to work...so this was the best I got!
  • Absolutely NO parking spaces at Noodles & Co. therefore having to park clear across the lot in the Pet Co. stalls that are marked "Pet Co. Parking Only"
  • Coming home from lunch with boyfriend, snuggling, getting extremely comfortable and JUST about to fall asleep when we realize we have to get up and get ready for work. Boo.
  • Not being able to figure out the damn headset at work and going the first hour of my shift unsure if it was even on. Whoops. :s
  • Learning a whole new job after being at the old one for so long you could have probably done everything in your sleep.
  • Driving and eating....yeah that's probably just a bad idea...
  • Going with Taran to pick up the awesome bed he bought with his tax return! It's beautiful! I like that he bought it with me in mind, for our future place C:
  • Cuddling. 'Nuff said.
  • Spending the morning with boyfriend looking at furniture and having lunch together.
  • Despite everything being new, I'm catching on to the new job quickly and my manager already scheduled me to work the floor set on Sunday. That's good news to me!
  • My puppy is finally better {better meaning, she was in heat for the past 2 weeks and has had to stay outside or in her cage.} and I missed her! She's my snuggle buddy when Taran isn't here c:
  • Yelling at my TV {or maybe that's awkward? No it's awesome.} because of the epic-ness that was the new episode of The Vampire Diaries!
  • 18 days until Vegas.


  1. I'm glad your puppy is feeling better! (:
    I would just like to say that your blog is adorable. And your banner kind of makes me sick, in a cute adorable, lovely kind of way. It's a good thing (:

  2. 1. Okay so I watched TVD. During my lunch. I WANTED TO SCREAM aaaahhhhh best episode SO FAR

    2. Noodles & Co is the bomb.com

  3. Hiya, visiting from Sydney's thread.

    Cuddling is always the best.

    Your blog is super cute... and now I follow.

    Love, Shellsea - Giveaway Today :)


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