The day of L-O-V-E

My Valentine's Day was wonderful.

I have this thing where I over analyze every situation and end up setting my expectations way too high. I do it with everything, and it gives me horrible anxiety.
I planned on Taran coming over at 5:00, mom was going to help me cook the dinner and then leave us alone for the rest of the night. I had everything planned perfectly.
He knew I was making dinner, but he didn't know that I was recreating our very first Valentine's Day together so I was excited! I text him and told him what time to get here and to dress fancy.
Things were going well until I had to set everything back an hour {thanks to my mom's ex being a...not nice word.}. I started to get panicky, but I forced myself to chill out and once I did everything fell in to place perfectly.

He came over with roses, looking incredibly handsome...I mean like wowza!
We had a candlelight dinner of pasta with wine and I made the most adorable romantic playlist on my iPod.

It was perfect.

He kept telling me how much he loves me and how beautiful I looked and I felt like I was 15 again! Haha.
When we finished eating he asked me to dance.

And he gave me the card from the roses that said "7 roses for 7 years I've loved you".
I almost cried.

I didn't think it was possible for me to be more in love with him than I already am, but I was proven wrong. I love him SO much more every single day.

That amazing man of mine will be turning 22 in 3 minutes! :D!

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