{Top: Arden B | Jeggings/Jacket/Shoes/Earrings: Wet Seal}

Do you notice my little goober of a dog ruining my picture? She likes to be glued to me 24/7, which is cute sometimes, but I had to firmly tell her to go away while I was trying to take pictures. Now she's asleep by the door, but I bet she'll get up and follow me if I leave the room. She's clingy like that, but I still adore her.
I tagged my earrings in here, even though the pictures do no justice to see them...they're cute though trust me. Black feathers.
Feathers are my new favorite thing, when my hair gets longer you can be sure I'll wear some big ones!

Had another job interview today. This one I'm positive went very well {I know I've said that about the last 2 but...this one is real. She basically offered me the job right there. Woo!}

Mom is on a date tonight, and the brothers are spending the weekend with their dad.
So it's me and the little goober tonight, probably crafting and watching TV...such an exciting life I lead ;)

Valentine's Day is Monday, but Taran only has Sunday off so we're celebrating then. I have a sweet surprise for him! When we were Sophomores in high school and dating {back in 2005!} we had a school dance that was for Valentine's Day. We couldn't afford to go out to dinner beforehand so my mom made us a candlelight dinner, a mixed CD with very romantic songs on it {Somewhere In Time soundtrack...have you heard it? Or seen the movie? You should.} It was probably one of my favorite memories of us from back in the day. So I'm re-creating that this year.
10 girlfriend points to me! I rock. Be jealous.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?


  1. How pretty and sophisticated is this!

  2. NOOOOOOO "Somewhere In Time" lakshfgkjahsuiurywe;rh the ending SUCKS no no no no
    Other than that it's a decent movie. Cute plans though (:


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