A little :( and a bunch of :)

{Jeans: Wet Seal | Button up: Wet Seal | Tube top: Rue 21 | Blazer: Ross (for only $3!!) | Shoes: Forever Young | Belt: Wet Seal | Necklace: Gift from Taran}

I've decided to incorporate some of my fashion into my blog. Inspired by all the fashion blogs I follow. {Check em out!: 01; 02; 03; 04 ; 05}
This is my first fashion post so bear with me...ignore the awkward faces...I was really cold...and awkward.
But here it is! And I was quite pleased with my outfit today...

Here's a little positive and negative of my day:

The pluses! :)
  • Going to have lunch with my cousin Katie and our good friend Katie {yes, they are both named Katie} and the fact that my waiter kept my food warm for me since I was running late!
  • My delicious sandwich I had at Denny's! Seriously...talking about it is making me want another one...mmmm
  • A good hair day today. It curled perfectly the way I wanted it to and I'm loving the new blow dryer/diffuser my step mom got me for Christmas!
  • Running into 2 of my old coworkers at the mall! Little Kate and little Lacey...it was nice to see them both!
  • Chatting with my old manager Nasey, and catching up about life and work {possibly..maybe getting my job back.}
  • Walking into Charlotte Russe to ask for an application and having the assistant manager say that she wants me to come work there! She had me fill the app out right there and said she'd put in a good word for me. It pays to know people in retail...she used to come shop at Wet Seal all the time and we would chat. Cross your fingers that this one goes better?
  • The fact that Crystal's grandpa's surgery went well! Love you grandpa Mike :)
  • My awesome omelet making skills....just saying.
  • Visiting Crystal and Becca at the Starbucks and getting a free chai....mmmmm it was quite nice to drink in the cold, gross, ugly foggy night.
The negatives :(
  • My stupid brand new {well...new/used} car wouldn't start!! I turned the key and got nothing...not even a whir of life...she didn't even click or blink or anything! The poor battery is a piece of crap and I don't have the money to replace it right now. Grrrr
  • Parking my mom's truck...epitome of awkward. I feel like a huge fool trying to maneuver that damn thing! The only time I did well was at Wal Mart, where the parking stalls are diagonal, which is cake. Boo.
  • The really creepy old man that kept staring at us at Denny's! Umm....no thank you.
  • $10 wedding magazines....the best ones are the most expensive :( WHY? It's just a magazine guys, let me look at fancy decor and plan my dream wedding without giving you what little money I have! {Don't worry, I didn't buy it...just walked around with it for a few minutes}
Headed to bed now, it's past the time that I wanted to go but I get easily distracted. Have a wonderful night/morning/day!

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  1. I usually just read magazines while I'm at B&N and never pay for them. I'm pretty sure it isn't against the law (:


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