I feel like crying.

And I don't do that very often, so please bear with me while I vent. I'll feel better, I promise.

Yesterday, I was about to leave my house when my car decided it did not want to start. At all. I've only had this car for six months, and it's already starting to have problems. Yes, it is a used car so it's not like it would be brand new with issues...but still. The battery was supposed to be capable of lasting longer than six months. Taran came over today before work to jump-start it for me. He got it to start, and left it running for a few minutes after charging up the battery so I was pleased! But then he turned it off and tried to start it again...nothing. Not a thing happened to the stupid car.
So that means, I'm going to have to buy a new battery...which will probably run $70-$80. Awesome.

Secondly, my jaw has been driving me crazy for the past week. I have a bad tooth in the back that I stupidly ignored to take care of while I had my dental insurance. {For a whole entire year mind you....plenty of time to get my ass there.} Now that I've neglected it for so long it's starting to worry me. The left side of my jaw feels weird and numb, like the nerves got removed or something...not the regular numb, like after the dentist where it feels tingly and awkward. No, it feels like there's nothing there at all. And now it's starting to spread, and it's really freaking me out! Granted, I might be so stressed out that I'm clenching my jaw without realizing it and that could be part of the problem. But still....I need to get that stupid tooth fixed. I don't even know what that's going to cost me.
While I'm on the subject of teeth, if you know me you know I wear a retainer. I do that because when I was younger I lost my baby teeth, like every other kid, but while the adult teeth all grew back in my left/upper lateral incisor never grew in. They told me it could possibly be a genetic thing, but either way there was nothing there, besides a little bit of enamel...not enough to actually form a tooth. Before I got my braces, they had to do surgery to remove that enamel and then they told me when I turn 18 and my teeth stop moving that I could get the surgery for an implant. I got my braces off when I was 13 and I've had a retainer with a tooth attached. It's awkward and embarrassing and I don't really like talking about it. So if you're reading this, feel special.
Now I'm almost 22, and I have yet to get the surgery. Why? I never had insurance....until this last year that it was offered to me by my job. And stupidly, I didn't do anything about it again. They told me if I don't get the surgery soon then my bones may reject the implant. Fabulous. That will cost me about 2-3 grand.

Another worry is my eyes. I ran out of my last pair of contacts last month, and when I went in for my checkup they gave me a trial pair to use. And that's all I have! So, I'm extremely careful with them since I don't have the money {or insurance!} to order new ones. I have my glasses, but they're a couple prescriptions off. Ugh and double ugh.

In conclusion, the little kid inside me just wants to say "ugh money sucks stupid stupid money and insurance and everything is stupid"
But the adult side of me is winning nowadays {gasp! I'm turning into an adult} and telling me. "Moral of the story, you shouldn't have quit your job until you knew for sure that you would have another one. Now you're screwed until you find one, and one that offers insurance"

And that's the end of my pity party woe is me blog, don't worry it won't be a regular thing. Like I said, I just needed to vent a bit.


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  1. This is why you should work at Starbucks... we have insurance!
    Or join the Guard. Military insurance is the BEST


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