I make awesome decisions in bike stores.

Hello! First of all....blog title - totally unrelated. But watch this awesome video and you'll get it, and probably get a good laugh in. I know I did, and everyone else I showed.

So, I fully intended on taking a picture of my outfit to post today...but it was one of those days where I felt bleh and blah and just really meh. I did get a "oh I absolutely love your outfit!" from the girl at Sephora though, shockingly. And the girl at Borders told me she loved my hair {which was nice, because it's in that weird in-between stage where I'm trying to grow it out but it won't really do much...}. Why is it that I get compliments when I feel the most gross?? It made me feel a lot better though, don't get me wrong. It was just one of those days.

{iPhone apps are so great}

Luckily, I did get my broke ass out of the house today for some good {free} fun!
Headed to Starbucks with Crystal - met Jerrica, Randi and Bill there and caught up on life. Randi had her little book of ultrasound pictures with her :) it was nice to just hang out together to talk and drink coffees. Afterward Crystal and I met Randi and Bill at Borders book store. I had never been and it was grand! Books everywhere!! I felt like Belle in the Beauty & The Beast when he shows her his library :D {I'm a child at heart, I know this...I spent a lot of my time in the kid's section}

After wandering around the entire store, browsing CDs and magazines, we left to go to the mall across the street. Bill and Randi went home, it was good to hang out with them....they both crack me up! {"Hey Terrance" "hahahaha his name is Taran, Bill"}
Crystal and I ogled at all the fancy things in Nordstrom {$385 sunglasses....just saying...} and I drooled over all the Steve Madden shoes, and the Jessica Simpson shoes, and the Jimmy Choo shoes....and I think you get my point. Moving on.
We went in all the stores that we don't have in any of the malls around our location, most of which were very expensive and I just felt sorry for myself for being poor poor poor. Crystal was there as my moral support, feeling sorry for herself too. It's okay though, girls can dream of having fancy luxurious things...right?

It was a good day, and I'm glad I forced myself to get out of bed and not sleep all day again!
I was doing good, but that habit picked up again during the weekend when Taran stayed with me. He came over Saturday night after visiting with his family {side note: everyone please pray/think of/do whatever you do for Taran's family....his grandma is suffering from colon cancer and they gave her 2 weeks. It's rough for their whole family and I wish there was something I could do.}
He was in a pretty somber melancholy mood and wasn't up to do much, which was totally understandable, so we just ate junk food and watched TV. I like just lounging around with him...we're extremely comfortable together and it's nice.

Sunday we slept in and later we got ready and went to dinner, on a triple date, with his roommates. We went to Olive Garden and after that we went bowling! I had a blast, and his roommates are fun. Shane brought his little boy and he is adorable! He kept wanting to bowl, and for the majority of the first game we had the bumpers up and we let him push the ball down the lane. He loved it, and he was cracking me up. Taran was so cute teasing him and telling him he was going to use him as a bowling ball {haha} he picked him up by the and pretended to throw him. He was giggling like crazy, it was so adorable. He's going to be an awesome dad, I know it. But not for a looooooooooong time! :)

Good news! On Sunday my dad came over to look at my car and he bought me a new battery! How nice of him. It made me so happy because I've been stressing out like mad!
Thanks daddy!

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  1. This is so sweet! Love that you document all of the little things...I so want to go on a trip to the bookstore now! Maybe a bookstore date later? We'll see if boyfriend is up for that! The thing about Beauty and the Beast....I am dying. That is the best analogy I've heard in a while!


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