a loopy short post

Yesterday this little stinker turned 5! I can't even believe how much he has grown up....even within the past 6 months. In August he'll be starting kindergarten, and I still remember the day he was born. He was due in February, but he decided to greet the world a month early!! You would never guess he was a premie though, he's so energetic, smart and outgoing. He drives me nuts sometimes but I love him to death!!

Right now I'm laying in bed watching Four Weddings, feeling drowsy and loopy. For the past 2 days I've had the worst tooth ache. The whole left side of my mouth is throbbing and and aching like crazy, so I took some medicine to try and help. It's feeling better but right now my eyes are droopy and I feel tired. Once again, I need to get some insurance and get my butt to the dentist!

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