Here are 5 positives of my Wednesday:
{I'm trying to look on the bright side of things and not focus on what is stressing me out. Maybe I'll make this my weekly blog post}
  1. Waking up to my little spoiled snuggle buddy. She is thrilled that I let her sleep in my bed now, and she gets mad at me when Taran stays because she has to sleep in her kennel. {I feel bad, but there's just no room on my little full sizer}
  2. Finding out that I'll probably have a job interview next week!! Now I don't feel so bad about putting my two weeks in out of frustration
  3. The fact that my shift went by really really fast! That's one thing I like about the holiday season...there's always something to do and there's always ways to pass time. Plus when the store is busy time flies by! Yes!
  4. Forgetting that I put some new Katy Perry songs on my iPod and being pleasantly surprised when Firework came on shuffle. I thoroughly enjoyed jamming out on my way home from work :)
  5. Glee!! It makes me happy always, but this week's episode was just great...it was really sweet and I loved the song choices. {I may or may not have cried...but that's just the hormones...}
Is everyone excited for Thanksgiving!? I'm feeling a little under the weather, but hopefully lots of rest will fix it. I'm going to dinner with Taran's mom's side and meeting his grandma! Nervous, but excited...I hope they like me!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone, and be safe! <3

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