Turkey, snow & 50% off

Well, Thanksgiving was great! I had a wonderful time hanging out with Taran's family and eating some delicious food. His mom is so nice and funny, I really enjoy her. I also met his aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandpa who are all extremely friendly and welcomed me right in! Luckily it didn't snow that day, and the snow from throughout the week had melted a bit so the drive there wasn't bad at all. Taran and I jammed to Circa Survive and Meg & Dia the whole way, it was fun!
After dinner we drove back home and decided to go visit my dad and his family. When we got there everyone was getting ready to go to bed early because they were all going to wake up at 3AM to go black Friday shopping!! I think that's NUTS! I mean, I love shopping...a lot, but waking up before the sun even begins to rise to watch people go absolutely insane over certain deals? Yeah, it's not my thing. I'll take a regular Saturday to shop, thanks :)
I was actually very pleased with my schedule for Black Friday. My store opened at 6AM and closed at 10PM so I worked a 10:00-7:00 shift. Perfect! I worked right through the middle of the day, I didn't open and I didn't close. The store opened and the big sale we had going on was EVERYTHING 50% OFF, but the promotion didn't go all day so we had to announce at 11:30 that it was changing at 12:00. It was madness! We had 2 lines all the way to the back of the store and then around.
I have to say it was pretty epic trying to get everyone wrung up and out of there before it hit 12:30 and the promotion officially changed in our register systems! But we got the last person at 12:26 -- I was pretty damn impressed!

The rest of the day went pretty smooth and I got to go home and spend some time with Taran before it was too late.

It's officially my last week working there, it's bittersweet really...I spent 3 1/2 years at that company and I'm partially sad to leave. At the same time though; it's time for me to go and do something else, and to work for a company where I feel slightly more appreciated.

So, how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Or Black Friday?
Stay tuned, I plan on putting a Christmas list up in my next post! :)

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