5 Badass {fictional} Women I Admire

I watch a lot of TV. This isn't news for most of you , I know. I get easily sucked in to shows and I tend to grow emotionally connected to the characters. I thought I would compile a list of the women in television who I adore, admire and who kick ass. They are really in no particular order because I can't actual rank these women, they're each so awesome in my eyes!

1. Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU
This woman is the epitome of badass. She has gone through some of the most awful things, but came out strong. I've loved watching her growth through the past 15 years (wow!). She's definitely a woman to look up to. She stands for all things women are tortured for without backing down. I wish she was a real person/cop because she basically rules all.
2. Debra Morgan from Dexter
Another lady cop who doesn't take any shit from anyone. This woman was dedicated to her job, fought her way to the top and still managed to be a gorgeous heartbreaker. I love her filthy mouth. I love her pride. I love her independence. Mostly I just love her. How could you not? (PS we will not discuss the pitiful storyline that was the finale.)

3. Jess Day from New Girl
There are a lot of mixed reviews about Zooey Deschanel. Personally I adore her. I started watching New Girl on Netflix a few months ago and fell in love with the entire show. Jess is the kind of girl who is proud of her weirdness, who is proud of her sexuality and who is proud to be feminine. At the same time she is smart, strong, caring and hilarious. Jess is proof that you can wear cute dresses and still be bad ass.

4. Rachel Berry from GleeI think I love Rachel so much because I relate to her. In high school I really wasn't popular or well liked, but I had big dreams like her. She may come off overbearing or selfish, which is understandable when you have big dreams in a small town. Sometimes our dreams seem bigger than us but those who reach for them at any cost are admirable to me. She's a star and there is that part of me that wishes I had her guts to chase after what I wanted at her age.

5. Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl
Blair is everything I wish I could be. Okay, maybe minus the extreme bitchniess and scheming. Aside from that she is a classy, glamorous go-getter. Deep down she has her insecurities that she masks with her malicious attitude. Another woman who isn't afraid to be proud of her intelligence instead of being dumbed down because she's beautiful and rich. She makes me want to live on the Upper East Side and ride in limos and go to fancy gala openings. She's fabulous.

Clearly I have a theme here, I adore women who are proud of their femininity but aren't afraid to stand tall in the face of a world where we aren't accepted as smart and pretty. Or funny and girly.

Next time I think I'll do a list on my favorite characters in film.


  1. Love your list...ya know--except for Rachel ;) <3

  2. What a great list you have there! I've watched all the shows listed, and I have to say, I agree with your choices. I believe that these characters are a reflection of the modern woman: her strengths, her struggles, and even her failings and how she overcomes them. Thank you for sharing that amazing list. I hope you're having a fun summer!

    Christian Pearson @ League of Women Voters


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