bowling & home decor

For some strange twist in my fate I got to have this entire weekend off! Luckily Taran didn't have to work a Saturday either, so we got to be together the whole time.
Saturday we bummed around for awhile and relaxed. That evening we got invited to go to dinner and bowling with Crystal, Jerrica and Travis. Unfortunately everyone in Utah seemed to have the same idea as us so everywhere we went was jam packed! We even had to move to a different bowling ally because our first choice didn't have any open lanes.

On Sunday Taran and I spent the day shopping. We decided since our house needs a lot of work we're just going to go room by room. While we were out we picked out a lot of stuff for our bathroom and decided on a color to paint. I'm so excited to get started on it. We picked out some really great stuff and I'm lucky do have someone who cares about what their house looks like and puts in his thoughts and ideas.

Hopefully this week we'll be able to get started on it. It's a lot of work because this house is so old, but I'm thrilled!

Updates will come :)

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