Sparkles & a job hunt

{Top: Charlotte Russe | Jeans: Almost Famous | Boots/Coverup/Belt: Wet Seal | Bracelet: Wal Mart}

Today I got up and turned in that damn resume! Let's hope my hair girl can get me an interview there! She is so dear, I'm glad she told me about the opening.

I went around and applied at some other places.
So cross your fingers for me. Hopefully I can get the ball a-rollin' and I can start making money again. Because I don't want to live off my tax return, I want to use it for Vegas!
I need to at least be making some money before next month, you know...Valentine's Day, then 2 days after is Taran's birthday! Time to start thinking of ideas and to start making Valentine's for everyone.

Today's outfit was fun, I love that shirt and I got a lot of compliments on it today!
The pictures were rushed because my camera was dying and I was about to leave. {Thanks for taking them mom!} I also had to take them indoors because it SNOWED! Remember how I said that it was nice yesterday? The weather man must have heard me and thought "Oh right! It's still January, let me dump some more snow on you until May!" Haha, I hate winter :P


  1. Valentines is one of my favorite holidays...I'm still trying to come up with some ideas for this year though. So far I have fortune cookies (homemade) and a giant board story with candy words (Snickers, Nutrageous, Pieces).

  2. Good luck! I hope you get the job and make lots and lots and lots of money!!


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