Casual Monday

{Cardigan: Ross | Top: Charlotte Russe; courtesy of Taran! | Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: Rue 21 | Necklace: Hot Topic}

I think the girls and I are going to try and start a Monday tradition to hang out. Today was a beautiful day, sunny and just chilly...I'm wondering if I'm in the right state, because this is very un-Utah like.

The girls day was fun! And didn't involve much money!
  • Partini {a board game Crystal bought me...it's crazy and I think would be funner with a bigger group...and possibly alcohol haha}
  • Last Word {another board game Randi got me...you have to be the last person to say the word starting with a specific letter before the timer runs out...for example: the letter is S and someone put down the category "Girl's names" everyone shouts names that begin with the letter S and whoever gets the last word before the timer gets to move. SO much fun, and I laughed until I cried}
  • Denny's....always :)
  • Our waiter was crazy funny
  • $4 for pancakes, bacon and eggs!
  • "Sturkey, Smashed potatoes, Scranberries, Spumpkin Pie"
  • Inside jokes
  • "Did you guys leave this button when you were here last time?" uhhh no Ludwing or Ludwig or whoever you are...but thanks?
I love those girls.
Also my new shirt from my awesome boyfriend.
Also new episodes of Pretty Little Liars...anyone else watch?
Also 3 days until the new Vampire Diaries episode

Also, I'm tired....goodnight! :)

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