My current situation

I am sick. And I hate it. I can not stand being sick, at all...I'll down a whole tube of Airborne to try and avoid it. Hopefully it doesn't last too long, because I believe the bug I got came from the little brothers, and it only lasted about 48 hours.

I fully intended on getting up this morning and going to take my resume to the salon I go to, hoping to get a receptionist job there. My body however, did not like that idea.
So here I am, in bed...where I've been all day.

Watching Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings and re-runs of Friends
Drinking Dr. Pepper
Browsing Tumblr
And burying myself in blankets....

My body aches and I feel so gross.....bleh.

Hoping I'll feel better tomorrow because this SUCKS!

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  1. Oh girlie! I hope you feel better soon! SYTTD is one of my faves too...especially the Texas one!


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