{Shoes/Top/Sweater/Scarf/Jeans: Wet Seal | Ring: gift}
First things first: 10 points to anyone who can guess where I used to work, based on this outfit. Ha!
And I know you all absolutely love my sub-par photo taking/photo editing skills....I do what I can and it works :) and I know you absolutely adore my play-on-words titles {ketchup = catch up...get it? har har har}

Anyway, on to the actual blog....I feel bad because I've been neglecting updating this poor thing, but then again I'm not sure who even reads it and who actually cares about my boring mundane life! {Self pity moment, it's cool}
Things have been crazy lately. And by crazy I mean, I haven't felt good and I've been trying to find a job so I can stop being so lame. Also I've been spending time with Taran whenever I get the chance. He's extremely stressed out and it breaks my heart to see him that way. Last week his grandmother passed away after battling colon cancer for months. Luckily he got a chance to go down and see her a few days before to say goodbye. The funeral was yesterday and I told him I would be there for him no matter what, so I drove him down there and we went together. I met most of his family and his aunt and uncle that live in Washington, which was nice. They are all very kind and I felt so bad seeing them all so heartbroken. The service was nice, and touching...I liked hearing about that awesome woman and how she always saw the good things in life. She seemed so wonderful, and it's unfortunate I wasn't able to meet her. Taran kept his composer throughout the whole thing, but once we got to the cemetery and he helped carry the casket I could just tell he was crushed and wanting to cry. It was so sad, and I feel for their whole family.

The thing about funerals is, once it's over I think people feel a little more at peace. At least that's something I noticed....we all felt it after my grandpa's and I could tell Taran's family felt a big weight lifted off their shoulders. They were able to reminisce and smile and even laugh, it was a good relief for them, I think.

At one point Taran and his uncle were talking and joking around when suddenly Taran put his hands over my ears and pulled me toward him, whispering something to his uncle. I later found out {after bugging him to tell me haha} that he told his uncle "this is your future niece".
He is so great, and he was so grateful that I went with him...but of course I would. Anything for him.

In other news, I'm still hunting for a job. I haven't heard anything from Charlotte Russe, which is disappointing. I'm starting to get desperate, but I refuse {I mean reeeefuse} to work in food! Sorry, it's not happening.
I have to leave a shout out for my amazing, wonderful mother though! She has been so nice and helpful while I've been unemployed and I'm so blessed to have her in my life. I owe her big time for putting up with me and giving me money to live! She is the greatest.

That's really all that's happened, I know it's not a lot, my life just doesn't have much going on lately. I just need some change, and I need to put the effort into making it happen. I'm just in a rut right now, I feel lousy and unmotivated. Not to mention that toothache I had for 3 days seriously felt like I got kicked in the face, I just wanted to cry and cry and cry. I feel mopey and tired all the time, but I know I'm the only one that can fix that. I just need to.
Thanks for reading everyone, have a wonderful Thursday <3


  1. Target? Barnes and Noble? Old Navy? And honestly, food isn't that bad... Starbucks is hardly working with food anyway.
    I don't know if Crystal told you but I have drill the weekend of the concert! UGH I'm so upset! I'm going to be able to be let off early (we have weapons qualification that weekend!) but it'll just suck on Sunday. Having to get up early.
    Anyway, I hope you find a job!!

  2. I read your blogs! at least once a week :) just sayin.


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