Oh Christmas Tree // Interview part I

This weekend was lovely. Taran came over on Saturday night after work so we could have a sleepover! I just love sleeping with him {and I truly mean sleeping} I love to cuddle and talk until we both fall asleep. Unfortunately, he can't sleep with me too often because he has only had 1 day off a week lately. And his hours are horrible, so it's easier for him to just go home and head right to work the next day. Understandable, but I miss him damn it!
Sunday night we did the Christmas tree together with my mom and brothers. They are so funny, and I love how excited they get over Christmas...it keeps the spirit alive for me! The ornaments carry so many memories, because out of the 3 of us we've gotten a new one every year. {That's 21 years for me, 11 for Quade and 4 for Gentry...plus some of my mom's. You do the math!}
We're going to buy one for Taran to put on the tree also, because yes, he is a part of our family!
After, we all had Chinese for dinner and endured the crazy fog that was outside!! It was creepy/horror movie type and I liked it! Ha!

Yesterday I had an interview for a new job. I was so nervous because I haven't been interviewed in over 3 years!!
But I think it went really well...the position I want was filled already but the company has a high internal promotion rate, so if I take this smaller position then I have a good chance at moving up. Plus, a small job is better than no job right? I have a second interview tomorrow with another store manager. Just cross your fingers that this one goes as well!!

My last day at my current job was supposed to be on Saturday, but it's a tough time right now and I feel a bit guilty. I took my store manager aside and told her if she needed anything at all that I could still help out a bit. Turns out she really did need me for a couple more days, so I'll be there until Thursday.
But a big congrats goes out to my amazing co-worker Steph who just got promoted to her very own store!! She's been with the company as long as I have and she definitely deserves a store manager position! Great job Steph!!!

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