The 5 Positives

I apologize for being late on my usual Wednesday update!! It's been sort of a busy week, and I haven't had to the chance to sit my butt on the computer and write! Plus my last day at work was yesterday, so I was dealing with finishing up what I needed to, and turning in my keys. But I'm here now, and I have a lot to write about :)
  1. One of my closest and best friends got married today! I am so excited and happy for the two of them and I couldn't pick a better man for Randi. He is so good to her, and so respectful. They just had a small ceremony at the court house but it was still beautiful. Bill's family came from Nevada to be there, and they are a gorgeous group of people! His father Guillermo Sr.'s accent is thick, and he is hilarious. He was saying "they better not name the baby Guillermo because he will have to spell it soon and people never say my name right they call me Geranimo" I was cracking up.
    Randi looked so beautiful and elegant in her navy blue dress with all her pearls, and her classy chignon. The ceremony was quick, but the look on their faces were priceless. They are so in love with each other and it makes my heart swell with joy! I also cried when Randi's dad hugged her and he started to cry. I just couldn't help it.
    Guillermo Sr. also set up a big lunch for everyone to attend at Corbin's Grille. It was delicious, and he payed for the whole thing...which I honestly wasn't expecting! There was also a guitarist that was booked to play, and Katie took pictures of everything. It was a lovely lovely day and I'm so happy for Mr. and Mrs. Ramos and soon to be baby Ramos (: {note: Jerrica was the one that caught the bouquet, not me!}
  2. Pay day!! Now I can go shopping and buy all my Christmas presents! I have a blast buying for other people and all but this year is tough...I have NO idea what to get Taran for Christmas!! I am at a loss, and I feel horrible. But I did buy him an early gift today...since he didn't have an ornament to put on our tree I bought him one. It's the cutest little car ornament {1964 Pontiac GTO to be exact} and I'm so excited to give it to him!
  3. I had my 2nd interview on Wednesday and I'm feeling pretty confident about it! I haven't heard from them yet, but I really feel like I nailed it! Wish me luck!!
  4. The Glee holiday special! It put me more in the Christmas Spirit, which I've been lacking lately. I laughed, I cried {not really} but I really did enjoy it. It was a nice way to end since I'll have to endure the long hiatus before new episodes. 
  5. Getting my hair done! It's one of my favorite things to do, and my hairdresser is the best. I have weird/crazy/uncontrollable/unpredictable hair and she knows JUST what to do with it to make me happy. I decided to try and grow it out, and see if I can actually do it this time. Usually when I try, I get frustrated when it reaches my shoulders and I chop it. My hair is just so thick that before it gets long, it gets big and it is a huge hassle to try and style. But now I'm hoping that by scheduling regular trims I'll be able to keep it thinned out and I won't want to chop it off. We'll see! I might be coming back with another faux hawk next time!

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