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Hooray! My first post on my new blog! Hopefully I can get it all set up nicely, and looking pretty. Just to start out I'll say, I'm 21 years old and I live in Utah. I work at a clothing store as an Assistant Manager, and I love fashion. I have some amazing best friends that mean the world to me, as well as a wonderful boyfriend. I'll update frequently with stories and rants about life. I'm very opinionated but don't take it as me being rude! I'm just highly sarcastic...trust me, it runs in my family. Hopefully you all enjoy it and enjoy what I write!

Now to begin...

Last night was the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part: 1. We bought our tickets weeks in advance and this is something we've been looking forward to for SO long!
If you know me, then you know that I'm a huge huge Harry Potter nerd. I've read every single book, when they came out since I was 10. I've seen all the movies, and I've practically grown up with the actors in the films. It sounds silly if you're not in mine and my friend's shoes but it's something that has been with me for over a decade. It means a lot to me, as more than just a book series.
So, here it is, finally. The LAST FILM FOR THE LAST BOOK. Thank god they decided to split them in half, because the plot is huge and intense! Nothing should be skipped! I bought myself a Slytherin shirt from Hot Topic {and had to refrain from buying any other Harry Potter related items...it's almost Christmas Bryana...} and Crystal bought her a Gryffindor shirt!

Originally I was supposed to work 1-close last night, so I would have had to rush to the theater and not have time to even get some rest...but our schedules ended up changing and I eventually got switched to 6AM-12PM {it actually turned into 9AM-12PM, but that's a different story entirely}
So, once I got off work I had a nice lunch at Chili's with Taran. Yay for 2 for $20 when we're both broke!! Then, I went home and took a nap...well okay, I TRIED to take a nap. It was like Christmas Eve or something...I could not sleep very well, obviously insanely excited!

Crystal picked me up with Katie and Becca and we met up with Jerrica, Muzzy, Jerrica's friends Spencer, Mark and another girl {whose name I forgot! Shoot!} Joe, Randi and Ivan met us there later and so did Jerrica's other friend Alaina. I'm still super bummed that Taran couldn't go with us, it was really disappointing. His work schedule put him not getting off work until the movie was over, which was 3AM. Still, it was a blast and I'm glad we found some people to claim the ticket! Unfortunately, there were SO many of us that we ended up losing 4 people to the 3rd row down from us. Sucky!!

Movie started. Finally. {You know, 1 hour goes by so slowly when you're waiting for something...it's like an eternity!!}

It definitely lived up to my expectations....I laughed, I cried, I jumped, and I bit my nails at intense scenes. The only time I was disappointed was when it was over. I won't spoil it for any readers who don't know where they cut the films off, but all I had to  say was "son of a bitch! Is it July yet???"

I had so much fun, I'm so glad I have my best friends that have grown up and loved the series just as much as I do and I'm looking forward to seeing it again soon with Taran, because I know he's excited!!

Thanks for reading, I hope I didn't put you to sleep! Stay tuned and I'll update more, maybe doing a little something special for one day every week... :)

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