I am going to marry a winner.

Photo by Bianca Teh @ Honeebee Photography
Because he doesn't ask me what's wrong, he just lets me cry and crumple up into an emotional ball.
Because he always tries to understand my situation, even if it takes comparing my job to his any way he can. Just so that he can understand me.
Because he tells me I'm talented, even when I don't feel like it. And tells me I look pretty, even when I don't feel like it.
Because he takes me to buy ice cream to cheer me up...and chocolate...and a Dr. Pepper.
Because he turns on Ridiculousness and helps me laugh. {Something about people doing incredibly stupid things and hurting themselves is hilarious. Why is that? Who cares, I crack up.}
Because he doesn't get mad when I fall asleep and drool on his pillow. Whoops.

And because he loves me unconditionally and still wants to marry me after I've torn myself down and stressed myself to the max.
I am really really really lucky.


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