Ok, today is the day I usually tell you all about the positives of my day. And I can probably only sum it up in one bullet.
  • Taran came over today.
Right? Right.
Being unemployed is so not glamorous or relaxing...it's BORING. I have stayed up until 4:00 and slept all day, I've eaten everything in sight, I've watched a million episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and I've grown attached to my sweat pants. I've also become quite the champ at "Words With Friends" -- {sad? Nah, I feel victorious.}
However; I'm wondering if I made the right choice in quitting my job, but at the same time I wonder if I would have ever done it. I'm glad I did, I feel like it's one less thing to carry on my shoulders. I do wish I would hear back from that other job soon though, I'm getting antsy and nervous...

Today I woke up semi early {aka earlier than 2:00....it was 10} and planned on getting my lazy ass out of bed and doing something productive. But let's guess how well that worked out for me? Haha.
I know it's my own fault, I just don't feel motivated...I played with Stella for a good hour and then checked Tumblr for a few more. Then I started to get ready and put on some makeup, and got roped into more Say Yes. so I ended up wasting my day until 5:00 when Taran text me to say he was getting off work early and he was going to come over.
That just made my whole day! {Except for the part where he told my why he got sent home early....big accident at work, guy in the hospital...not so good. Now I'm going to worry about him at work...}
We just hung out and relaxed...watched Batman Forever and Ace Ventura. I swear to God I have the mind of a 12 year old boy some days...but Jim Carrey just cracks me up!
We made French Dips for dinner and I wanted to cry when he left. I'm telling you, I sleep like a baby when he's next to me, and when he's not I wake up cuddling a dumb pillow. My bed is lonely without him and so am I!!

So I don't want to sound completely negative here...this unemployment is my own fault, and being a lazy bum is my own fault too. Today wasn't all bad, I'm just having a hard time picking apart things worth making a list out of...
Basically I'm just B O R E D. Tomorrow I'm making a conscious effort to get up, get ready and DO something. I still have presents to shop for and I can window shop for myself? Hey better than sweat pants all day right?

How was everyone's Wednesday?

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  1. I also love Jim Carrey!! Not too many of us around anymore :)


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