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Five Positives of Wednesday! {Or the week...we'll just go with that!}
  1. Laundry Day! I know this sounds completely ridiculous but I like doing laundry. But here's the thing: I've worked at a clothing store for the past 3 1/2 years where I've had a very generous 40% {sometimes 50%} discount. So it's safe to say that my clothes have accumulated throughout the years, and sadly  I do have to take the whole day to get it all done. I'm such a clothes snob that I have to do my laundry a certain way and it has to be my way. {Taran better take notes}
    Anyway...the reason I like doing laundry is because I feel like I can "re-shop" my whole wardrobe and maybe put together some pieces that I hadn't before. It may sound dumb to do you, but I like it.
  2. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread courtesy of Crystal's mom! Can you say YUM! I had some with my coffee this morning and it was divine. Enough said.
  3. Burlesque. Seeing Burlesque with my 2 best friends. Being the only 3 people in the entire theater. And the movie itself was fabulous! I seriously LOVED it. And all the songs have been stuck in my head....{ooh can I add the soundtrack to my Christmas list?}
  4. Going to get contacts so I don't have to wear my dummy classes anymore. I feel a lot cuter in contacts, so positives for self esteem.
  5. Taran's new car....yes. You're thinking "what? Why is that a plus for you?" Well let me tell you: my boyfriend is adorable. He gets excited about some of the simplest things and I adore it. He's been telling me that he wants a better car to drive in the winter and one that actually serves a purpose {1966 Bel Air, I'm lookin at you}
    Well he tells me he's been looking at getting a Durango after he gets his tax refund, but my man can't wait that long. He comes over this morning, excited, and tells me to come outside. It's like a little kid getting they're first bike, he was so happy about it! It's a very nice car and it'll be great for winter and for the future! He had just gotten it and he wanted to come over and surprise me to show me. Cute huh? He even told my mom "now I can take her on a real date and she doesn't have to drive" Aw shucks, could I love him more? :)

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